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Banfield’s Customer Feedback Survey: Banfield Pet Hospital, a Vancouver-based private company with veterinary clinics, is dedicated to providing high-quality veterinary care for your pets. They use PetWare, a consolidated medical record database, to collect data from the 2.5 million pets seen at their clinics.

www.tellbanfield.com online survey

www.tellbanfield.com – Tell Banfield Pet Hospital Feedback

Fill out the Banfield Pet Hospital Client Experience Survey and let us know what you think. Don’t think this is a waste of time because Banfield has exciting incentives in store for you. Read the entire article since it includes a full guide to TellBanfield Survey, including its guidelines, specifications, and restrictions.

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Requirements and Laws:

The Say Banfield Survey, like all other surveys, has certain rules and regulations. These are necessary in order to prevent some kind of fraud and to receive honest input from their valued customers. The following are the rules:

  1. Only residents of the United States of America and the United Kingdom are eligible to participate in the survey.
  2. Users who want to participate in the survey must be at least 13 years old.
  3. To access the Banfield Pet Hospital Client Experience Survey, you’ll need a device with a reliable internet connection, such as a laptop, PC, or smartphone.
  4. Because the survey is only available in English, participants must have a basic understanding of the language.
  5. You must have a recent receipt from Banfield Pet Hospital to participate in the Banfield Pet Hospital Client Experience Survey.
  6. You must complete the survey within seven days of your visit to the store.
  7. The survey is intended solely for their clients. Employees, their families, subsidiaries, administrators, and sponsors are all ineligible to take part in the survey.
  8. The prize you win is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. At the conclusion of the survey, you will be given a validation code, which must be redeemed within 30 days or the code will expire.

The steps that needs to be followed to complete the survey:

Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Satisfaction Survey

What if you are unable to complete the survey online?

Don’t worry, there is another choice. You can enter your name in the sweepstakes survey using the Mail-in form. This is a very simple procedure that will only take a few minutes to complete. Simply follow the measures described below, and your name will be entered into their sweepstakes.

To begin, write your name, complete address, phone number, and age on a standard-size piece of paper by hand.

In an envelope, place the hand-printed piece of paper.

Simply mail the completed envelope to:

Banfield Client Experience Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3577, Southbury, CT 06488-3577.

You may also write your feedback about their service when completing the mail-in process. Make certain, however, that your mail is received by them within the sweepstakes period.

You will receive an email confirming that your name has been added to the list. If you win, you will get a call or a letter from them with instructions on how to claim your reward.

Avail exciting rewards!

Banfield Pet Hospital invites its clients to take part in a client experience survey and provide feedback. In addition, they give all participants the chance to win fantastic prizes. You could win a cash prize of $2000 in the form of a check.

To complete the survey, you’ll need to carve out some time from your busy schedule. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Let us now go over the survey rules and requirements in greater detail.

About Banfield

Warren J. Wegert founded Banfield in northeast Portland, Oregon, in 1995. It is a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, which has operations in the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. In 1996, the company experienced tremendous growth, expanding to 159 locations across 18 states. They have been handling pets with passion and care for over 65 years.

Banfield Applied Science and Knowledge (BARK), their internal research unit, uses this data to perform population-based research. Dental care, actions, parasite control, diet, and vaccines are among the services they offer.

They examine your pet twice a year to determine his or her overall health.

Banfield’s Customer Support Service:

Banfield has a dedicated customer service team that responds to customer inquiries. You can also email them directly if you have any questions. Their excellent customer service team helps the job go more smoothly. Here are the contact information for the well-known pet hospital –

Banfield Pet Hospital is located at 18101 SE 6th Way in Vancouver, WA 98683.

866-935-5738 (toll-free)

You can reach them directly at 888 445 7387 to explore your pet’s health options.

CST.inbox@banfield.net is the email address.

Feedback on Banfield Pet Hospital Official Ties

www.tellbanfield.com is the survey site for Banfield Pet Hospital.

Website of Banfield Pet Hospital: www.banfield.com

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