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www.talktoregal.com – Regal Cinemas has been serving moviegoers in the United States with panache and comfort for over three decades. There are movie theatres, and then there’s Regal, which is constantly inventing new ways to make the movie-going experience as luxurious and enjoyable as possible for its patrons.

What is the aim of this website? Will our suggestions and reviews be taken into consideration? Is the survey at www.TalkToRegal.com absolutely legitimate? Do they really give a damn about what we’ve got to say? All of your concerns and questions will be addressed below.



Regal Cinemas’ current owners and management team have taken a fantastic initiative called “Speak to Regal.” This effort resulted in the creation of the website www.TalkToRegal.com, and if you visit it, you will see how hard they worked on it. This website was created for a simple purpose. They want to hear what their customers have to say about their products!

Let’s pretend you went to a Regal theatre to see a movie recently. The auditorium was packed, and you walked over to your seat only to discover that it was already taken. When you compare tickets with that customer, you discover that your seat numbers are identical. You call the hall attendant and describe the situation, but he remains unresponsive. He advises you to sit after much persuasion.

www.talktoregal.com Rules

  • Available to: residents who are legally verified as citizens of the USA.
  • Who is permitted to take part: individuals aged 18 or more.
  • Not permitted: close family member or employee at Regal.
  • A genuine Regal purchase receipt/ticket is needed.
  • A valid email address as well as a phone number are needed.
  • A laptop, computer, or smartphone with a good internet connection is needed.
  • The ability to communicate in English or Spanish is needed.
  • Each participant is only allowed to join the sweepstakes once per month.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and must be accepted as provided.
  • It is the responsibility of the prosecutor to bring all charges.

There are 2 ways:


Initially, you go to the poll’s website, www.surveyvilla.com/talktoregal.com.

Then fill out the survey.

After all, pay attention to the information on the website.

So, at the end of the day, complete the survey and send it.


The client should send the conversation to regal along with their personal information.

ID, name, email, address, and phone number, for example.

After that, give a letter to their address.

Attn: Marketing, Regal Entertainment Group, 7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville, TN 37918.


 Regal has progressed beyond conventional ways of gathering feedback. For this purpose, they created www.TalkToRegal.com, their official survey website.

After being a part of this study, you will enter your name into a list of other participants and then have a chance of winning exciting rewards from Regals. They will be providing a $100 worth gift voucher. This can be redeemed on the next visit and will allow the participant to avail discounts and offers.


 www.Talktoregal.com : The site you need to visit for the survey.

  • You will have to make a choice between languages: English or Spanish
  • You must enter the survey access code printed on your ticket on this side.
  • You must enter your email address in this section.
  • As part of your ongoing visit understanding, rate your general satisfaction level.
  • Submit the form by clicking the Submit button.
  • The questions usually revolve around your visit, client management, and other facilities.
  • In the final stage, in order to join the sweepstakes, you must include personal details such as your name, phone number, alongside mail address.
  • After completion, click on the ‘Next’ button.

After you complete all the given steps of survey, you will receive one entry into the sweepstakes draw. Wait for the next draw; if you are the lucky winner, they will contact you via the contact information you provided in the survey.


 First and foremost, it is the company’s official survey portal. As a result, you can rest assured that your complaints will be heard as soon as possible! Second, the website’s URL – www.TalkToRegal.com – is easy to recall, so you can access it from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or laptop with a good internet connection.

The portal’s navigation is simple enough for a layperson to understand; in fact, you can get it right the first time! Your www.TalkToRegal.com survey will be thoroughly scrutinised after you send it (to ensure that it is genuine). It will then be sent to the appropriate authority for further review. You can depend on your suggestions and/or comments being implemented.


 The Regal Entertainment Group is the world’s largest movie theatre chain. The corporation controls about 16 percent of all screens in the United States, with 6,119 screens in 562 theatres across 39 states. Regal Entertainment is nearly twice as large as its nearest competitor and is owned by Philip Anschutz, a highly successful businessman who is believed to be one of the five richest people in the world.

Customer Service

You can choose to get in touch with the team at Regal for addressing any consequence that you might come across with their services:

Headquarter: Regal Entertainment Group, 101 E. Blount Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee 37920, United States.

Phone No: (877) 835-5734

Fax No .: 1 (865) 922-3188

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