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Mywawavisit is the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey. The monetary value of the gift cards may vary from $100 and $500, contingent upon your geographical location. Take advantage of this opportunity now! Please answer all survey questions regarding your most recent visit to Wawa.


The business believes that soliciting input from its consumers regarding their satisfaction will facilitate the enhancement of its service standards. The website address is Questionnaire.

Wawa Inc. urges all of its consumers to take part in the Wawa survey. Prizes can consist of Wawa gift cards ranging from $100 to $500.

Mywawavisit is a customer satisfaction survey conducted by Wawa.

  1. Kindly access the website
  2. To access the survey in Spanish, please click on the link located in the lower right corner. If the previous condition is not met, then continue to Step 3.
  3. Please input the Store Number and Survey Code found on your receipt into the designated fields. Once ready, initiate by pressing the Start button.
  4. Please describe your most recent experience when asked. Aside from text sections for inputting responses, numerous questions may also feature multiple-choice alternatives, allowing you to select one or more responses.
  5. Kindly ensure careful adherence to all instructions.
  6. Upon completion of your survey, you will be given the chance to participate in the sweepstakes.
  7. Provide input voluntarily; compliance is not mandatory. Adhere to the provided guidelines and input your personal details to gain entry.

Benefits obtained from participating in the MyWawaVisit Survey

By participating in the poll, consumers have numerous opportunities to win prizes. They might be afforded the chance to participate in the competition. There is an opportunity for them to win a gift basket worth $75 and a Wawa gift card worth $500.


The Wawa rewards program will have a total of 51 winners. Among them, one lucky individual will be awarded the grand prize, which includes a $500 Wawa gift card and a gift basket including Wawa products valued at approximately $75.

Criteria for the MyWawaVisit Survey

  • Receiving no input at all is tantamount to receiving wrong feedback. Consequently, please provide truthful answers to the questions that are specifically related to the service you have encountered.
  • Although it is not mandatory to make a purchase in order to participate in the survey, it is necessary to visit the store at least once in order to obtain the exclusive Survey code.
  • Participation in the MyWawaVisit survey is restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years of age.
  • In order to take part in the survey, it is necessary to possess internet connectivity, which can be achieved through the use of a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The official website address for the survey is
  • Kindly note that the poll only provides options for English and Spanish languages.

Guidelines and protocols for the MyWawaVisit Survey

  • A valid Wawa purchase receipt is required.
  • It is necessary to provide a functional email address and phone number.
  • To participate, you will require a device belonging to the laptop, computer, or smartphone category, along with a robust internet connection.
  • Fluency in either English or Spanish is mandatory.
  • Each participant is limited to a single entry each month in the giveaway.
  • The awarded prizes must be accepted; they are non-negotiable.

The purpose of the MyWawaVisit Survey

  • The objective of the company’s MyWawaVisit survey is to ascertain the opinions of its consumers on the quality of its products and services.
  • Wawa Inc. strongly encourages all of its consumers to take part in the Wawa survey as a consequence. Participants have the option to select Wawa gift cards valued between $100 and $250.
  • Furthermore, customers should expect enhanced service, superior products, and ongoing responsiveness to their needs from the company.
  • When using Mywawavisit, you may expect to be asked about product quality, customer satisfaction, store cleanliness, stock availability, and staff friendliness. These questions aim to get insight into the most common concerns expressed by consumers, as they directly relate to these issues.

Regarding the WaWa Company

Wawa, a leading convenience store, first opened its doors in 1803. To ensure convenient accessibility for customers, the company’s founder established it in New Jersey.

The establishment of Wawa originated in Pennsylvania in 1803. The establishment initially operated as a simple iron foundry, but underwent a complete conversion into a dairy farm by approximately 1890.

The rule throughout that period was not without complications. When an unknown ailment associated with unpasteurized milk began to spread throughout the state, CEO George Wood hired a team of doctors to inspect every milk product prior to its distribution to the public.

Consequently, Wawa gained fame among dairies in the early 1900s because to its delivery of certified milk products directly to customers’ homes.

During the two World Wars, the business had a dominant influence. However, in the 1960s, a convenience shop emerged as a strong challenge. Wawa started utilizing the trademark “Health by the Bottle” after acquiring it, for the purpose of delivering milk to customers’ residences in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Wawa’s contact information

The address for the Wawa corporate office is as follows: Wawa, Inc. 260 W. Baltimore Pike, Wawa, PA 19063, United States.

The contact number for the Wawa office is 1-800-444-9292.

The phone number for Wawa Customer Service is 800-444-9292.

Connect with them on their social media platforms.


The official website for the survey is

The link to the Wawa Survey on Facebook is

The Instagram URL for providing feedback to Wawa can be found at

Link to Wawa’s customer satisfaction Twitter page:


  1. What does the Wawa customer satisfaction survey involve?

The Wawa organization is now undertaking a study to ascertain the sentiment of their consumers regarding the quality of service they receive. In order to be eligible for the chance to win appealing prizes and gift cards, the user must complete it online.

  1. What are the steps to successfully finish the Wawa survey?

In order to participate in the survey, it is necessary to possess a recent purchase receipt from any Wawa establishment, which should contain a code located at the bottom of the ticket. Subsequently, navigate to the official website of the Wawa shop in order to gain access to the survey page and input the survey code and store number. Upon completion of the survey, you will receive a notification verifying your eligibility to win exciting prizes and Wawa store gift cards.

  1. What is the objective of this survey?

The purpose of this survey conducted by the Wawa organization is to obtain valuable information about the requirements and preferences of its clients, with the aim of improving the quality of its services.


I sincerely hope that the information provided was enjoyable to you. By utilizing this post, you have the opportunity to achieve a prize upon completion of the survey.

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