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A Jack in the Box survey called JackListens aims to improve customer support. Online and mail surveys are being conducted as part of www.jacklistens.com to ensure that management is getting customer feedback in every way imaginable.


Completing the JackListens survey requires very little effort and is rather easy. A legitimate JackListens receipt from your most recent dining-out transaction is all that is required. You will then be able to start after a little while of your time.


Do you regularly visit Jack in the Box, or have you been there before? If yes, you can respond to the customer satisfaction survey offered by Jack in the Box. By listening to their clients, they hope to improve their services, as evidenced by this survey.

So, read this post and stay on this page to find out more about this poll. On this page, we offer thorough details on the Jacklistens Jack in the Box customer satisfaction survey, Jack in the box customer survey, and Jack in the box customer feedback survey.

How Do You Complete a Jacklistens Survey?

The finest clients are frequently ones who offer organizations criticism so they may improve. It’s stated that people grow from their errors. This also holds true for your favorite eatery. By completing the 5-minute Jacklistens Survey at www.jacklistens.com, you can voice any grievances you have about your restaurant eating experience.

Was the dinner prepared according to your wishes, or was the food of poor quality? Don’t be scared to reply if you find yourself thinking negatively all the time. Just say what is evident. They learn their benefits and downsides after completing the survey.



Have any encouraging things to say? Make an effort to communicate. What pleased you the most about the restaurant and prompted you to return? Was it the quick service from the chef and staff? Can you see which organization most impacted you?

Concerning Jack in the Box

The hamburgers at the American fast-food chain Jack In The Box are well renowned. It was invented on February 21, 1951, by a remarkable man named Robert Oscar Peterson. There are Jack In The Box stores spread across 21 US states.

Furthermore, it has 22,000 employees. Jack used to be just a clown stuck on the roof, long before he developed into the bumbling CEO that fans now adore. When Robert O. Peterson launched the first Jack in the Box store in San Diego in 1951, the restaurant’s roof was adorned with a clown head mascot named Jack, which attracted the attention of passersby.

Master architect Russell Forester of La Jolla, California designed Jack in the Box as a “contemporary food machine.” The quick service at the new location proved to be very effective. The majority of the Oscar locations underwent renovations, had intercoms added, and were rebranded as Jack in the Box eateries.

In the fast food market, Jack’s Big Mac was considered to be one of the largest burgers when it was first debuted in 1971. In 2023, the company unveiled JBX Grill, a new restaurant chain featuring more lavish and high-end fare. Large man It’s the Jumbo Jack.


Customer Survey Awards for Jack

Jack gives users the opportunity to win Jack Coupons by having them complete the Jack Guest Survey on the Jack Portal. Proceed to the Jack Guest Feedback Survey by logging in. A Jack promo code will be sent to you after the survey is finished. Keep it and use it to get discounts and special offers on food purchases during your subsequent visit to Jack.

After you fill out the Jack in the Box customer satisfaction survey, you’ll receive two complimentary tacos. After completing the survey, you receive the complimentary coupon code.

jacklistens.com Rules and Laws – Survey Listens – Jack Listens To access the survey, you must have a recent Jack in the Box receipt with the survey invitation on it. a PC, laptop, or smartphone

  • You have to live in the United States.
  • You are only allowed to finish a survey once per receipt.
  • You have to be literate in both English and Spanish. Fill out the survey before the receipt expires.
  • the entire procedure | Jack Listens poll


This is the full process for taking jacklistens; you can proceed once certain steps are completed. That’s when you’ll get your prize.

You can use your computer or a mobile device to visit the official survey site by clicking the icon provided above.


Using the “Click here to continue” button, select your preferred language. There is a choice between Español and English.

The 11-digit number that appears here on the receipt is yours to input. Click the NEXT button after that.

The location of the café can be confirmed by selecting the “yes” button.

You also need to decide how long you want to spend with Jack in the dog box.

Right now, you can choose to see Drive Thru, Accomplish, or Dine in.

You have to remove the red screw and respond to two questions regarding the demand for food.

Determine how satisfied you are and whether you plan to return to the store.

To access the last set of questions for the Jack in the Box online survey, keep responding to the questions and hit the red catches to see the screen that appears. You will receive a jacklistens code for approval after entering your contact details; be sure to write it down.

Make sure you signed out twice the right way.

Keep this code in mind for the next time you visit Jack in the Box to redeem the two complimentary tacos.

After completing the survey, do submit a claim for the free food within seven days.

To get complimentary tacos, visit the taco store and enter the four-digit code.

In addition, the menu at Jack in the Box features Americanized versions of foreign dishes such burritos, rotisserie-roasted jalapeño peppers packed with cheese, tacos, and more.

The Jack in the Box poll asks the following questions:

  • To what extent would you recommend our restaurant to a friend?
  • How often do you come here to eat?
  • Which of our culinary menu items did you find appealing?
  • What was it about our menu that you didn’t like?
  • Which specific cocktails would you like to see on our menu?
  • How well-performed was our service team?
  • How do you feel about the pace of the service?
  • Did our staff members meet your needs?
  • Please rate the cleanliness of our restaurant.
  • Would you come back to dine here?

Jack provides customer service.

Fill out the survey on Jacklistens.com.

Guest Relations phone number: 1-858-522-4716

Visit www.jackinthebox.com/contact to fill out an online form.

+1 858 522 4716

+1 858 571 2121

+1 858 571 2121

[+1 928 627 2276]

+92 828 722 5695

Jack In The Box locations in the area


You may provide feedback to Jack in the Box and help them enhance their goods and services by completing this quick and simple survey on jacklistens.com. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving tacos for free? So, to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the survey as soon as you can.

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